Riot police beat up Sten Zvorwadza and Patson Dzamara for bringing flowers to station


Today, I gained a thorough and in depth appreciation of what we are really up against. I am now thoroughly convinced that this country is run by a despicable mafia called ZANU PF.

We do not have a government. Zimbabwe is run by terrorists who are masquerading as leaders.

I teamed up with my brother Sten Zvoradzwa and we went to Harare Central Police Station to hand flowers to the police as a gesture of peace and love.


We may not agree on everything but we are all Zimbabweans and we must love one another. Love is the only way for us.

The moment we arrived at central police station riot police was waiting for us. Before we could even hand the flowers to the police, a group of about 50 riot police officers charged against the two of us clouded with blatant atrocious intentions.

I managed to sneak away from the two who had grabbed and started to beat me. I ran away.

Unfortunately, Sten could not run away. About 15 people in riot uniform took turns to beat him with baton sticks as he lay helplessly on the ground.

police riot


While the police chased away anyone who was close to police entrance at charge office bus terminus, I ran back through the parked commuter omnibuses in order to help Sten.

Two riot police officers noticed me and they ran towards me. I didn’t run away while they assaulted me using their baton sticks. One of their superiors instructed them to stop beating me and he ordered me to lead Sten away.

Meanwhile, a street kid came through and he tried to restrain the police from beating Stan. I was moved by that young boy and I wish to meet him again. He did what most onlookers who were taking photos of the happenings failed to do.

Hobbling in pain, we negotiated our way through the parked commuter omnibuses.

Zvorwadza is receiving medical attention. He was badly hurt but he is in high spirits. As for me I am not in much pain.

We categorically and vehemently condemn this level of barbarism by the police. We cannot and we won’t allow this madness to continue. How on earth can over 50 police officers pounce on two unarmed civilians? What nonsense is that?

Zimbabwe has come to a watershed moment and there is nothing that can stop us from crossing over. We are not going to give up until we redeem our nation out of the hands of these gangsters. They may beat us up but they can never beat the revolution.

A new and better Zimbabwe is possible in our lifetime. We shall come face to face with it.

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