Home Sports News Roderick Mutuma’s family faces eviction from their rented home

Roderick Mutuma’s family faces eviction from their rented home


He’s yet to open his scoring account and his family is facing eviction back home

Roderick Mutuma is in a quandary with revelations that his family in Harare’s Budiriro suburb is facing eviction from their rented home.

To compound the player’s problems salaries for Bosso players were not paid on time.


Benefactor Longwe Ndlovu is also giving Mutuma and his management the run-around.

“Mutuma’s family is being threatened with eviction in Harare. They are still to pay their rentals for March and April. The player only got $500 after signing with Highlanders.



The benefactor who had promised to pay his signing on fees is playing hide and seek. He either claims to be in a bank or driving or busy in meetings whenever we inquire about the signing on fees,” said Carlos Tavengwa who’s the player’s handler.

A silver lining to Mutuma’s woes was when Bosso players salaries reflected in their respective accounts on Wednesday afternoon. Bosso players usually get their salaries between the 20th and the 25th of every month courtesy of their main sponsor BancABC.

But his problems are far from over.

“Mutuma wants to relocate his family to Bulawayo but cannot do that without a substantial amount of money. He is currently staying with his in-laws in Northend,” said Tavengwa.

When contacted for comment the benefactor Ndlovu seemed to suggest that B-Metro Sport was pushing an agenda.

“It was my decision to pay Mutuma’s signing on fees so I don’t understand why you B-Metro guys are concerned why I have not paid the money. I will pay the money but I don’t need to be pressured by newspapers or anybody for that matter,” said Ndlovu.

Two weeks ago he told this publication that he would meet his financial obligations on Mutuma before the start of the season, which kicked off last week.

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