Ronald Chitiyo busted pants down having se_x in back seat of car


FOOTIE Ronald Chitiyo’s erstwhile wife has sensationally claimed that their marriage irretrievably broke down after she caught the footballer having se_x in the car with another woman.

For that,the four-month pregnant Erenesi Alfasi received a thorough bashing from Chitiyo prompting her to make assault complaints with the police – case No. RRB 2741461 at Domboramwari police station in Epworth. She,however,later withdrew the charges. Eneresi bared it all saying Chitiyo’s zipper was loose.

“I was coming from Solani shops in Epworth with my friend when I saw Chitiyo with one of his ex-girlfriends having se_x in the car. “They were both na_ked and I greeted him,he panicked and that was around 7pm,they were on the back seat of the car and his car has tinted windows.


“He started to insult me, his friend came and they started insulting me with obscenities,he went on to say that he was not going to look after me and the pregnancy.

He then pushed me but I did not fall,he then went on to pull me whilst the car was moving.

“I tried to flee from him but I could not run faster because he even started driving his car faster and I sustained bruises on my body. Erenesi went on claiming that Chitiyo also assaulted her mother who tried to inquire from him what had happened.

“I then called my mother and we went to Ronald’s residence and when my mum inquired from him what had happened;he took a golf stick and started assaulting my mum.

“She sustained injuries on her left eye and she managed to escape by biting him and his father took the golf stick from him.

“We the went to Domboramwari police station and lodged a complaint with the police,” said Erenesi. When contacted for comment ,Chitiyo could neither confirm nor deny the allegations.

“I have no comment to what you are asking me,because I know the moment I say something you will interpret it wrongly so its better not to say anything,” said Chitiyo.

Source-H Metro

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