SA Home Affairs Tricking Zimbabweans who want to renew Asylums – Arresting Them


SA Home Affairs Tricking Zimbabweans who want to renew Asylums – Arresting Them. According to an email we received from a concerned Zimbabwean who was recently deported, the Home Affairs Department of South Africa is promising Zimbabweans who come to renew their asylums that they want to offer them SA ID cards and must come back at a later date.

When they come back they are told to wait over there for a bit only to be arrested and thrown in police cars. They are then taken to Lindela Repatriation Centre then Deported. Here is the email:

I have been in South Africa for more than 5 years and i was using an Asylum that i kept renewing. The month before i was deported i went to renew my asylum at the home affairs in Pretoria and i was told to come 2 weeks later to fill in papers as i was now eligible to get an ID. I went home and returned to Home Affairs 2 weeks later and was told to wait for a bit. There were 6 of us and after about 45 minutes of waiting the police arrived and arrested us took us to a Police Station in Pretoria. They tore up my asylum and told us that we were under arrest. We were then relocated to Lindela and i stayed there for about a month awaiting deportation of which the process was months behind so i managed to contact my family who bought me a plane ticket and i was finally deported using a plane.   These guys are taking advantage of desperate Zimbabweans who wish to work for their family, better just tell us you don’t want us in the country!