Sandra Ndebele and hubby Nkanyiso Tiny Sibindi are expecting their third child


Popular Dancer Sandra Ndebele has announced that she and her hubby Nkanyiso Tiny Sibindi are expecting their third child, and spread the news on social media yesterday.

Sandy, as she is affectionately known by her legion of fans, took a moment from her busy schedule to announce her excitement about her third baby.

The message on her Facebook page said: “Baby No 3 on the way … happy happy. Thank you lord for the 3rd blessing ….so so so ohhhh ohhhhh.”

Her two children were said to be excited about having another sibling – a girl.

Sandra, 34, is a dancer and singer who has stirred controversy through her skimpy outfits and sexually suggestive dances. She is said to be in high spirits and in perfect health.

The baby daddy, a Zimbabwean lawyer based in the UK, was said to be equally ecstatic about the impending arrival.The pregnancy was said to be in its second trimester. It was not immediately clear if she will suspend shows, but has previously performed while she was pregnant.

sandra ndebele
Sandraa Ndebele

Sandra, a controversial figure in the arts in Zimbabwe, believes that her enticing dance routines can play a part in the fight against HIV/Aids.

On stage she wears a short skirt made from beads – traditional attire of the Ndebele community – as she gyrates her waist, wiggles her hips and thrusts her pelvis. She has regularly held shows in the capital Harare, performed at government-sponsored national music galas screened live on television to audiences of millions.

Source-Daily News