Sangoma KILLS the Talking Tokoloshe (Chikwambo) – PHOTOS


South Africa – A TALKING tokoloshe (chidhoma) spat fire and changed shape. Sangoma Ndlovu said that is what rivals sent him to make him die in a car crash.

Ndlovu (25) said they were jealous because people flock to his indumba since he is the best healer around.

The sangoma from Ntswe- lotsoku, near Lehurutshe in Zeerust, North West said he was shocked to find the horrible creature in his car on Sunday morning.

“It had the head of a cat, tough biceps like a human and small hands,” said sangoma Ndlovu.

“The thing changed shape and spat fire!”

Sangoma Ndlovu said that he threw the bones and they revealed that this was a tokoloshe sent to curse him!

“It hid in my boot.

“I drove with it to my gobela as I was scared.”

On the way, the tokoloshe asked where he was taking it and cried like a baby, said Ndlovu.

“But I kept on driving.”

Gobela Ntate Mzumba (30) and Ndlovu prayed to the ancestors for power to defeat the tokoloshe.

“We were scared as we had never seen anything like it before,” said Mzumba.

“When we sprinkled it with muthi it got aggressive and asked: ‘O tla nkgona na?’ (Will you defeat me?).

“I told it we’ll see who wins in the end,” said Mzumba.

The two sangomas sprinkled muthi on the cocky creature until it got weak – and then it shrank.

“We beat it to death with sticks,” said Mzumba.

Ndlovu then roasted the tokoloshe at his place.

“I am going to crush its remains and mix it with muthi to return to its sender and stop it returning,’ he said.