Sangoma who helped a Zimbabwean man catch his cheating wife speaks up


The Sangoma who helped a Zimbabwean man catch his bed hopping wife by concocting some muthi is an angry man.

A story went viral when a couple where found stuck together during intercourse after the woman’s husband locked her honey pot with muthi as he suspected she was cheating.

Now, the sangoma who sold the muthi – known as mabopha – to the husband is claiming that he was not paid . . . and he’s demanding his money!


Sangoma Msawope Xaba from Honeydew, Joburg said the husband paid him a R3 000 deposit and still owed him another R3 000.

However, the man ran away to Zim­babwe and stopped taking his calls.

“He’s playing hide-and-seek but I don’t worry much about him.

“He will see himself knocking on my door and bringing my money,” he said.



Xaba said he was approached by the man early this year to stop his wife from cheating.

“The man made a three-day trip to Zimbabwe every week and suspected his wife cheated on him while he was away,” he said.

“He came alone at first but then I told him to come back with his wife. The wife ridiculed us, saying she wasn’t cheating and the muthi wouldn’t work on her.

“I told the husband to pretend to go to Zimbabwe so he could catch his wife in the act but he said he couldn’t because he had business to take care of.”

The crying woman contacted Xaba saying she was stuck to her boyfriend. “I told her to get her husband to bring me to her. She was screaming and begging for help,” he said.

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