Sangoma’s sons DIE after opening Sacred room


A family in Neshuro, Mwenezi lost its two family members after they failed to follow instructions left by their now deceased father who was a traditional healer.

Their father had told them not to open his “surgery” but the two sons, Josious and Boaz, reportedly went against their late father’s word.

Laid down instructions were that they should summon their uncle who is based in Mozambique for access to the room.


Six years after the healer popularly known as Chitlangu’s death, his two sons reportedly decided to open the sacred room as they were desperate to get the riches inside.

After opening the room, the first one just screamed saying “money!” and that was the last word from him as he collapsed and died on the spot.

The other brother after seeing whatever he had seen, ran away and when he returned home he collapsed and died.

Hlungwane homestead

“Chitlangu had two wives and before his death he told them that when he dies they should contact his brother in Mozambique who would perform a ritual at the homestead.

He instructed them that no one should open the room where he kept his medicines as it was a private room and the only person who could do that was his brother.”

The two wives respected Chitlangu’s word and the room was not opened for more than six years.

“Josious, one of the sons, eager to find out what was in the private room, opened it and died on the spot, but the family just took the matter lightly.

“Boaz was based in South Africa and when he returned home he was told about the issue, but also ignored the warnings and opened it.

“He just screamed saying there was lots of money in the room and a short man sitting on top of it before running for his life and when he returned home, he collapsed and died,” said the source.

The family then realised that it was high time they followed instructions given to them by the deceased man so a ritual was held at the homestead.

“Fortunately, they managed to get hold of the brother who came and did the ritual before taking away the money which was found in the room,” said the source.

When B-Metro visited the homestead, they found Chitlangu’s second wife who confirmed the reports.

“I cannot explain much. We do not need publicity,” said the wife who only identified herself as Hlungwane.

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