Sarah Sinclair’s nu_de pictures leak,Go viral on Social media


Harare socialite and top model Sarah Sinclair claims more than 400 men gave requested to have se_x with her after her nu_de pictures leaked into the public domain.

The pictures were posted on a Twitter page and were captioned

“I have nu_des yes your nudes please don’t war with a nigga okay bye”.


The tweets also showed that they were posted from Sandton South Africa.

Apart from the nu_de pictures,a video of Sarah Sinclair kissing one Olgar Carlos Jaor Barca who once grabbed headlines after confessing in Court that she uses cocaine to lubricate her private parts also leaked into the public.

On the video Sarah is seen in a local restaurant kissing Olga tongue to tongue in the company of an unidentified man.

Speaking to H Metro Sarah said the pictures were for private use but leaked after her cellphone was stolen.

“My phone was stolen from my car last year by envious low-lifers,people without a life that are not even worth mentioning and it had those pictures.

“Those pictures were for private use,they were for my boyfriend,some women can relate to sending pictures(to their boyfriends).

“But then the people who stole my phone went to the lengths of exposing such pictures with the goal of destroying my life I assume because I don’t see any other reason why one would do such to another human,”she said.

After the pictures went viral,Sarah said more than 400 men contacted her asking for se_xual favours.

“I had to get off social media because I needed it to cool down ,they dropped the pictures and wrote nasty things that referred to me as a pr_ostitute and put my phone number,my personal line that I use for my clothing business.

I started receiving horrible messages from people;over 400 people telling me they wanted to have se_x asking where I was.

“I was devastated I didn’t know how to pick myself from the dirt but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel .I explained my story to these people.

“They were very remorseful because they too have daughters and sisters and they decided to support my clothing business.

“My business has reached the point that I have to open a boutique because my client list has increased,” she added.

Sarah also denied claims that she was the one who had posted the nu_de pictures for publicity.

“I would never do such a thing to myself and my reputation ;I am a first-born ;I have little sisters.

“I am a role model to some teenagers ,I have parents.I could never do such a thing to myself,” she said.

When asked about the kiss she had with Olga,Sarah said she suspected she was drugged that night since she doesn’t recall what happened.

“That was a mistake ,I am not bise_xual ,I am not lesbian ,I had too much to drink.I also suspect that I was drugged because the next day I did not remember any of it.

“I was shocked when it was sent to me ,I have never done such a thing before that’s why I suspect I was drugged.

I do consume alcohol but I have never gotten drunk to the level of not remembering what happened I didn’t even know who took it and the other girl (Olga) initiated that kiss from what I saw on the video she said.

Sarah is not new to controversy as she also appeared in the infamous “Whores List” which grabbed headlines last year.

Career-wise ,Sarah also made a name for herself by being crowned Miss Harare Junior as she is a clothing designer.

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