Satanism in school after Form 5 Student DISAPPEARS


A lower 6 student at Lower Gweru Mission has mysteriously disappeared. The student’s disappearance has torched a storm with relatives pointing fingers at the school authorities in a case that is suspected to be linked to satanism.

Relatives of a 19-year-old Kudakwashe Demawatema are accusing school authorities of failing to explain how the student disappeared.

Kudakwashe’s disappearance is however shrouded in mystery and some are suspecting satanism could be at play.


It is claimed that a mysterious person entered Kudakwashe’s room through a window that has burglar bars and took a mobile phone.

The student is said to have attempted to hit the unidentified man but broke the window.

He is said to have requested for prayers from the school reverend.

The school head however reported the case of the broken window to the police.

Kudakwashe is alleged to have disappeared after the police had refused to detain him saying the matter was petty.

To Kudakwashe’s relatives, the school authorities have a hand in his disappearance.

Police confirmed that a missing person report has been opened and the matter is being investigated.

The school head, Mr Mazula refused to comment referring all questions to the Provincial Education Director identified as Mrs Gudo.

Efforts to get a comment from the education director were however fruitless.

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