Satanism scare at school as students speak in strange tongue go under water for hours


EVIL spirits fear has engulfed Rukoba High school in Mapinga with reports linking the weird happenings at the school to Satanism.

About 18 girls (ages 13-16) have been acting weirdly of late going into trances claiming that they visit the dam where they sometimes operate from under water.

Stunning revelations are that they use jewelry to get into the spiritual world.


“The whole issue started after the girls went for a big Sunday at the AFM church held in Banket three weeks ago.

“My daughter is one of the girls that manifested and it is said the pastor who had come from the DRC told them that they were being attacked by one spirit.

“I am now even more worried because on Sunday again l was called at church to hear the mysterious things that my daughter was saying under attack from a demon,” said Baba Zindoga, a parent.He added that during manifestation, the girls speak through a different language which only they (the girls) can understand.

students“About 18 of the girls are affected by this . . . but the situation is growing by the day,” he said.

The spirits seem to be targeting the girls only, some of the girls say that they saw a list of boys when they were at the dam but none of them have been affected as of yet.

“When we went to Banket l did not know anything that had happened but all my friends were saying l was under attack.

“Last Sunday during prayers that is when l saw a vision where we were at the dam and there were many girls who looked like mermaids.

“There was a red carpet and the room was well-decorated with a huge table and many clay pots but l could not see what was inside.“I saw many girls and some of the faces l could recall them and there were other older ladies too who were controlling the whole situation.

Because l refused to drink what was inside the clay pots, they just told me to go back and come back when l am ready,” said one of the girls.

The parents of the young girls are pleading trying to find ways to make the situation stop.

“What is very strange is immediately after the demons stop speaking through them, they go back to normal like nothing happened.“My daughter has not said anything yet during manifestation but she can fall down anytime.

“I am more worried because if this does not stop anytime soon, the whole school is going to be affected and whatever this demon is, it will take away their good behaviors and turn them into creatures,” said Abigail Mudarikwa, another parent.

The situation is slowly getting out of hand as some of the girls manifested during class at Rukoba High School.

“It was only one of them that started crying hysterically during an accounts lesson and l heard my daughter also joined her.

“After speaking in a different language they took one of their classmates who was acting normal and claimed they wanted to take her to the dam.

“The situation was very strange and Brother Tinashe from AFM rescued us as we prayed for them then they got back to normal,” said a woman identified as Mai Pauline, another parent of one of the girls.

“I only remember seeing my friend Irene with many gold neck chains and rings which she had been given by a mermaid with very long hair.

“She was supposed to hand every girl a piece of jewelry which we were going to wear every time but l did not manage to see how many girls got the neck chains,” said one of the girls.

The whole Satanism issue has been causing panic and is said to be the main talk around Rukoba community.

Affected parents are on a plea to find means to stop this from continuing as it will affect their children’s lives.

Source-H Metro

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