SCAM : Nigerian Con Artist Using Genevieve Nnaji To CON People


Latest update on Nigerians using Genevieve Nnaji the actress to scam people. This is what they will send you be carefull or you will lose $100 (R1484.00). The con artists seems to have a number which they say you should contact for more info.

The message reads from Genevieve Nnaji…

“Good morning I just sent you a brand new apple Laptop, iphone6, MY LATEST MOVIES CD and LCD Plasma with my latest movie and undisclosed items via Bring courier service, you are going to pay 100USD for International delivery fees before they will deliver the gift to your home address because i went there with cheque but they told me that they only accept cash and i was in an hurry for a meeting in a remote area, so i wrote a barclays

bank cheque on your name and added it to your goods to cover up all your expense on the goods, so try and send them the money for the transportation so that they can deliver it to your address , they don’t work on cash on delivery because of there past experience.the parcel number is NG6283ZAM. contact the courier to deliver your parcel +2347064850051 enjoy your parcel have a nice day.”


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