School Hit by S E X Scandal after 11 Students were caught POKING in Dorm


BRETHREN-IN-CHRIST church-run Khumbula High School in Tsholotsho has been caught in a s-ex storm after 11 pupils were caught pants down in the girls’ dormitories.

The incident comes amid allegations that three teachers at the school were also in s-exual relationships with three pupils who are all suspected to be pregnant. A priest at the school reportedly bust the 11 pupils having a nice time two weeks ago.

During investigations, the three teachers (names supplied) were allegedly exposed for impregnating their pupil lovers. However, the involvement of teachers in the scam is allegedly being swept under the carpet after eight pupils from Form Four classes were expelled from boarding facilities after being caught in the act. Last week parents of the affected pupils were summoned to the school where they were advised of the expulsion of their children.

However, the pupils were allowed to sit for their Ordinary Level examinations which started last week, coming from nearby villages. A parent whose child was sacked confirmed to Sunday News that his daughter was expelled from boarding facilities following the s-ex scandal.

“We were summoned to the school and advised that our children had been expelled. There was no disciplinary hearing for the pupils as the cases were pre-determined. They were allowed to sit for their exams but coming from outside the school premises,” he said.

“The pupils were caught by someone at the girls’ hostels. They said they were assaulted and made to write reports and the investigations targeted the 11 pupils who were later sacked. However, it also emerged that teachers were involved in s-exual relationships with pupils.”

Another parent said they were told that their children should not stay within a radius of five kilometres from the school.

“They were also banned from seeking medication from the church’s hospital. The issue has angered us because they were not given a second chance. At least they should have disciplined the children since it’s a church school. Even in the Bible which the church reads there is forgiveness. They never listened to our concerns as parents. We were treated as if we were the ones who committed the offence,” she said.

She said they were now worried that if their children fall ill they could die as the nearest health institution, Tsholotsho District Hospital, is about 210 kilometres away.

Contacted for comment, Matabeleland North provincial education director Mrs Boithatelo Mnguni confirmed the expulsion of the pupils but said only eight were affected.

“Yes, we received a report from the headmaster of the school. However, the report is saying they were found by a Brethren priest engaging in s-ex at the girls’ dormitories and the school was asking for the exclusion of the pupils from the boarding facilities. However, they have been allowed to write their exams,” said Mrs Mnguni.

She said according to the report presented to her office, no names of teachers were mentioned in the s-ex scam.

In June this year, about 17 girls from Ndlovu Secondary School in Hwange District were expelled from a makeshift boarding facility after they were involved in a s-ex scandal.