Se_x for a packet of sugar lands man in the dock


It was sweet for my sweet,sugar for my honey when a woman from Lupane forced her sister to engage in se_x with a man in return for sugar.

The woman forced her 14-year-old-sister to engage in se_x with a 32-year-old man from the sam village.

It is the State’s case that the 30-year-old and her teenage sister met the man at Lupane business centre on 4 April.


The woman sweet talked the girl to have se_x with the man in the evening in return for sugar and money for mealie-meal.But she refused.

Seeing that her efforts were hitting a brick wall the woman threatened to chuck her out of the house.

The 14-year-old girl finally gave into the pressure and went to sleep with the man at his homestead for the whole night.

As a token of appreciation the man gave the se_xual victim 2kg of sugar and four dollars to buy 5kg of mealie-meal.

She returned home in the morning at around 8am.Seing her coming home with sugar in the morning ,her aunt asked where she was coming from.

She finally revealed that she was coming from a man she slept with for the entire night and was given 2kg sugar.

Her aunt reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of the accused and the 14-year-old was taken to St Lukes Hospital from medical examination.

The man appeared before Lupane resident magistrate Ndumo Masuku facing a rape charge and was remanded in custody to 26 April for continuation of trial.

Source-B Metro

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