Se_x starved woman threatens to kill herself after hubby refuses to service her


HAVE se_x with me or I die!

Those were the words of a Tsholotsho woman who attempted to take her own life at her ex-husband’s home as punishment for denying her se_x.

Sometime last year Evylene Sibanda from Fumabatshena line in the Sipepa area separated from her husband Adam Dube over an undisclosed domestic dispute.


The separation did not go down well with Sbanda who vowed to frequent her ex-husband’s place for se_x since he was the one who broke her vi_rginity.

Living true to her threats,Sibanda is alleged to have started stalking Dube at his workplace as well as besieging his home demanding se_x.

Dube however,refused to se-xually entertain her and on 10 February this year he approached the court seeking a protection order claiming she was disturbing her peace.

The order was granted in his favour in which Sibanda was ordered by court not to phone her ex-hubby or go to his home or workplace with the intention of disturbing his peace.

The court order,however,failed to deter the se_x-starved Sibanda who continued pestering Dube for se_x whenever he brought groceries for their child until she threatened to commit suicide at his home. The daring Sibanda went on to threaten Dube that she would dump their child at his workplace if he refused to regularly have se_x with her.

Following the threats,Dube reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of his former better half.Sibanda was brought before Tsholotsho resident magistrate Victor Mpofu charged with Contempt of Court as defined in section 182 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform)Act Chapter 9:23.

She was not formally charged and was remanded out of custody to 5 April on free bail.

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