Se_x worker takes client to court for refusing to pay for services


A SE_X worker was yesterday granted a peace order against one of her clients, whom she accused of refusing to pay for the services she occasionally renders him.

Emma Manyo told the Harare Civil Court that her client, whom she identified in court only as Jasi, frequently demanded se_xual intercourse from her, but was never willing to pay.

In addition, Manyo said Jasi was in the habit of chasing her away from the bar where she frequently operates and threatened to assault her clients.


“Whenever he sees me with clients, he harasses them and also keeps on threatening to block them from approaching me,” she said.

The court further heard that recently Jasi had se_xual intercourse with Manyo and was supposed to pay $5, but he did not fulfil his part.

As we speak, Jasi owes me $5 for the last session I had with him,” she said.

In response to the application, Jasi admitted to having free se_xual intercourse with Manyo, but said it was by consent.

“I do have se_x with her without paying but whenever she is in need of something, she also asks from me. I do not request for se_x from her on a daily basis because I have a wife,” he said.

However, Jasi said he was not opposed to the granting of the peace order and presiding magistrate Barbara Mateko granted it, instructing Jasi not to abuse Manyo in any way.

“If you two are trading, you do it properly with no form of abuse,” Mateko said, drawing laughter from the gallery.

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