Se_x workers cry foul, demand Government to legalise abortion


Se_x workers have called on the Government to legalise abortion in the wake of unbridled back yard terminations that continue to claim lives.

Speaking during a Global AIDS Progress Report and post ICASA meeting,a se_x worker representative,Sibonile Kavhaza said she has had colleagues who have died after failed backyard abortions.

“We have several cases of unwanted pregnancies among se_x workers and most of them resort to backyard abortions because they will be out of business if they keep the baby.


“I know of people who have died after attempting to abort and it’s a fact that back yard abortions are rampant,’she said.

Sibonile said besides the unmet need of family planning among se_x workers,unprotected se_x was also rampant especially with regular clients.

‘As se_x workers we have regular client who then want unprotected se_x and you have no option but to offer the service as a way of retaining your clients.’

The mother of 2 added that conventional clinics had no user-friendly services hence they could only access the clinic at the Centre for Se_xual Health and HIV AIDS Research Zimbabwe,which offers services.

We are not welcome at clinics so how do you access even family planning services.Even if you have any infection you can’t even dare approach those local clinics because of fear of stigmatisation.

“I wish the nation could stop being hypocritical and face reality if we are to end AIDS.The same people who speak badly about se_x workers are our clients most of them.

“Your husband might just be my permanent boyfriend and I guess you already know what that means.
It is a long se_x chain hence the need to find ways that se_x workers like me find friendly services at clinics,”she argued.

Another se_x worker,who spoke on conditions of anonymity,concurred that backyard abortions were rampant hence the need for Government to act.

“What are we saying as a nation?Are we saying go and abort then go to our clinic and get help after your backyard abortion,Such inconsistencies will continue to derail gains made in HIV management and maternal mortality ration,’she added.

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