Security “hitman” threatens opposition MPs with death ahead of Parliament opening


Several opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) lawmakers on Wednesday received deaths threats from an unknown sender ahead of the official opening of parliament today (Thursday).

Nelson Chamisa, the MDC-T co-vice president and Member of Parliament for Kuwadzana East, confirmed he was among the legislators who were threatened by a spooky short message sender signing off as Hitman or Certa.

The Hitman warned the legislators against booing President Robert Mugabe during the official opening.


Opposition legislators have in the past heckled Mugabe who they accuse of dictatorial rule and running down the country.

chinamasaThe Hitman sent threats of assassination or abductions.

“You may have a false immunity (sic) as a group, but remember after that you will be alone again. You will be remembered for a few day (sic), after that you are history.

Be responsible as you think of what you intend to do in the August House. Your family is better of (sic) around you. Be severely warned!!!” wrote the Hitman to Chamisa and other MDC-T MPs.

He added: “Don’t be used by those planning to demonstrate (in parliament) for their selfish ends, for they won’t be with you when the dark cloud of death engulfs you. We are trailing,” said the Hitman.

Chamisa shrugged off the threats, saying they were meant to intimidate them.

“This sender is claiming to be speaking on behalf of Mr Mugabe, so that might tell a lot about his or their identity. But we say no to a government of fear, violence and abductions. We will not be intimidated,” Chamisa said.

“These messages have become the norm whenever Mr Mugabe is opening parliament. It makes us wonder what these terrorists are trying to achieve,” added Chamisa.

He added that service providers like Econet Wireless, NetOne and Telecel, together with the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ), knew who was sending the messages but required a court order to reveal the identity of the spooky sender.

He said they were considering what action to take against the sender.

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