Home Entertainment Shinsoman has been dropped out and Stunner is in

Shinsoman has been dropped out and Stunner is in


Shinsoman has been dropped from the Madirirano tour of South Africa at the weekend after he fell out with BodySlam boss, Simba Chakare over

He has been replaced by man of the moment, Stunner. Chakare did not go into details but confirmed that Shinsoman had been subbed. He said the chanter had become big headed.

He said on social media “Tinenge tichiti murivedu asi godo amubvire. For your own information Mwari ndevedu tese as Bodyslam we can’t stop magitare because pane vari kuda kukura musoro .


SHINSOMAN-OUT-STUNNER-INVakakosha it’s yu masupporters even Ronaldo Christiano played for Man United and left but you the supporters you never leave your team now cos he is now in Real Madrid,  he leave for PSG we can’t follow him as Real supporters.

So Iwe mukomana don’t forget that as Bodyslam we have our own fans.”

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