Shock as man is ordered by Sangoma to bring his mom’s private parts to get rich


SA – BUNTU Manyiwana is sorry he ever believed in the promise of a million Rand. But he said it wasn’t until he was told to kill his mum and son that he got suspicious. He said the man demanded their private parts!

Buntu (28) told Daily sun how he worked hard, growing vegetables and doing building piece work to support his mum and family after his dad died. But then Buntu of Macoza Village in Mqanduli, near Mthatha, made the mistake of innocently accepting a pamphlet from a woman in February 2012.

Suddenly, he felt weak and fell to the ground!

“The woman said I needed to see the sangoma,” he said.

Buntu said he visited the man who called himself Dr Hasiya Adam. And the man said his ‘god’ would make Buntu rich.

“He told me to buy a school bag and gave me traditional herbs. I started having bad dreams, but he said I shouldn’t worry as this showed I would be rich.

Then he phoned to say I had to bring R2 000. He burnt the money in front of me. He opened my schoolbag and showed me lots of money, saying it was a million rands.

He gave me 90 days to come up with R35 000 to get the million rands,” he narrated.

Buntu said he sold his late father’s livestock and borrowed as much cash as he could to get the promised million rands.

But after 90 days he had only R28 000. “A big snake visited my family several times. It was associated with my sister-in-law from the Jola clan. “When I told Adam about the snake, he said ancestors were angry as I didn’t meet the R35 000 target.” And then the man allegedly made a terrible demand.

Buntu said the man told him he had to kill to appease his god if he wanted the riches.

“He showed me a mirror and asked me to give the names of the people I saw. It was my mum and my son! Then he said I had to bring their private parts! I took a deep breath and said to myself I would not kill my relatives to get rich.

I didn’t tell anyone. “I left home and went to East London without informing my relatives. I spent five days sleeping on the streets. “In August 2012, my life changed when I became a born-again Christian.”

Buntu’s mother Nonikele (62) said she was happy to see her son back to normal. “But now he owes R18 000 to different people and is working hard to pay it off,” said Nonikele.

Buntu said he’s still working to pay off his debt and wanted to warn people against such scams. “No one can make another person rich so easily!”

Source-Daily sun