SHOCK as Prophet Magaya‘s anointing oil brings back ‘DEAD’ woman to LIFE


SHOCK as Prophet Magaya‘s anointing oil brings back ‘DEAD’ woman to LIFE. A woman has claimed that she woke from the dead after being given Prophet W. Magaya’s anointing oil. Mrs Chipembere said she had been pronounced dead but woke up in the mortuary. She came to church to give her testimony.

PHD Ministries explains how it happened. “Mrs Chipembere was taken ill,the pains continued and her womb started growing and they discovered she had a problem of acids, ulcers and a cyst she was drained fluid amounting to 11.5 litres and was discharged from hospital.

Later on they figured that one of her kidneys had collapsed and this resulted in her
taking only two teaspoons of milk because of the growths that were erupting in her stomach.

She lived for more than 3 months in hospital which cost her a fortune. Her first-born child took anointing oil to her but she refused to use it as she did not believe in Prophets.

woke up from the dead

Her daughter chose to anoint her whilst she was unaware of it and in just one week she had recovered and was discharged from hospital. Her child failed to anoint her as she did not believe and she took ill again and that is when she lost consciousness.

Her husband was informed by the hospital staff that his wife had passed on. Upon hearing the news he took the anointing oil which he administered on his wife’s face and hands.

He then broke the news of the death to her parents as they left the hospital. Mrs. Chipembere who had been pronounced dead felt a lot of power and she woke up and found cotton wool with methylated spirit stuffed in her nose and she was covered from head to toe with a cloth.

She had a name tag placed on her hand and leg which even read the time she had been declared dead. Whilst her husband was going to organise for her funeral that is when she rose back to life for the glory of God Almighty.

The nurses then visited the mortuary and found her alive which indeed was a great shock. She was hungry and asked for food. Whilst her husband
was on his way back from picking up her mother he received a call from his wife who had been declared dead but was now alive.

The resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ worked mightily over her life and to God be all the Glory. Indeed the God of Prophet W. Magaya is a wonder-working God.”