Shock as Temba Mliswa wins Norton by-election Kasukuwere concedes defeat


Independent candidate Temba Mliswa has reportedly overcome the odds to win the Norton by­election with just over 7,000 votes, narrowly beating Zanu PF’s Ronald Chindedza who polled just over 6,000 votes.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is still to confirm these results but sources confirm that Mliswa has done enough to be the new MP for Norton, a seat that was previously held by Christopher Mutsvangwa, who was expelled from Zanu PF. A few hours later Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere took to Twitter and conceded defeat saying “Norton has eluded us. Key lessons have been learnt. Thank you to our supporters for coming out and voting for our candidate.” “The message from the electorate is there for us to digest and we will return no doubt. Norton is home to great citizens and setbacks are normal,’ Kasukuwere said.

Temba MliswaLast week Saturday the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC­T) who are boycotting all elections while demanding electoral reforms, urged their supporters to vote for Mliswa in the by­election and even mobilised supporters to attend his rallies. At one key rally, MDC Vice President Nelson Chamisa said that they had “mobilised thousands of their supporters to go and support Mliswa”, but riot police with the help of Zanu PF youths came and violently disrupted the rally at Norton Ngoni Stadium. Reactions on Twitter “@Hon_Kasukuwere Key lesson you will never learn is that people of Zimbabwe are not fools who can be bought with overnight stands or food.” Abraham Seda


“Receiving so many calls from Zanu PF guys celebrating Mliswa victory….ummm something not right in Zanu PF….bhora musango is back.” Elias Mambo (Journalist) “Themba Mliswa an independent has beaten ZanuPF in a by election at their stronghold Norton. Beginning of the end for the revolutionary party.” Ezra Sibanda (Broadcaster) “Temba Mliswa has shown Zanu pf that you cant fool people with stands.” Gift Makuyana “Have just called Themba Mliswa and he has confirmed dealing “a blow to G40” Elias Mambo (Journalist) More details as they come…………. 32 out of 50 Polling Stations Mliswa – 5579 Chindedza – 3452 Gap – 2118 31 out of 50 Polling Stations Mliswa 5190 Chindedza 3380


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