SHOCK as Zambian Woman gives birth to BALL OF HAIR


SHOCK as Zambian Woman gives birth to BALL OF HAIR. A young woman was horrified to give birth to a ball of hair after believing that she was carrying a baby for 10 months, doctors in Zambia said.

Dr. Ernest Mutale of the Luwingu District Medical Office, said that the 26-year-old woman identified as Mwape, gave birth to hair at a hospital.

The woman, who believed for 10 months that she was pregnant, discharged hair and some blood.

After discharging the hair and blood, Mwape was transferred to the Luwingu District Hospital for further treatment and observation.

Mwape is a mother of two healthy children and this was her third pregnancy, Mutale said. During the pregnancy, Mwape told her doctors that she felt good and that the baby was kicking inside of her.

Mwape went for regular checkups, but doctors saw no signs of irregularities.

He said the medical team suspects Mwape had a molar pregnancy but after several checkups results showed that it was not.

Doctors at the Luwingu District Hospital, have ruled out a molar pregnancy. Mwape will remain in the hospital until the mystery is solved.