Short time nemukadzi weBrother yangu paBirthday Party rake – It was a clear mistake asi pakaiswa munhu heavy


Short time nemukadzi weBrother yangu paBirthday Party rake – It was a clear mistake asi pakaiswa munhu heavy…

I know hangu people always say there is no such thing as mistake when it comes to sviro. Hanzi you can’t say it was a mistake kusvira mukadzi wemunhu but today I want to share with you a story that will show you kuti really munhu anogona kuiswa by mistake…

It was musi wa 25 May Masasi, I remember the date exactly because it was my brother’s birthday. Him and his new wife vanogara kuma New Stands in Damo Falls and so we planned a late night party for him we actually wanted it to be a surprise but someone spilled the beans so the surprise was ruined. But we said we would go on with the party.


A few people were invited to the party there were like 20 people there. Ini hangu sasenior barchelor I got there a little bit early just saw I can see and watch the beautiful ladies as they arrived. Mainini vangu wife to my brother wanted to hook me up with her friend Sarah but she then told me that Sarah couldn’t make it coz she had a bad flue. So there I was thinking kuti ndotamba ipi husiku uyu because pese pandinonwa doro especially paparty ndinenge ndakuda zvesviro.

Kusvira mukadzi webrother yangu paprty

People started coming in and in no time music was playing and people dancing to the music. At around 9 we sang the birthday song and wishes were made and we had cake. It was getting late and people were leaving the party thinned down and I was now worried kuti nhasi ndoenda kumba ndega. Mainini tried to hook me up with her other friend Theresa wemazizamu but haa hatina kuclicka she was those kind of fake yellow borns anooneka kuti kumeso chete ndiko kwakatsvuka so I said NO THANK YOU! Then I tried Tanatswa but she was too fast for me those kind of ladies vanenge vachifamba vari pa 180Km/Hr… I immediately gave up.. You know Masasi eHarare it takes a lot for people like me to give up on sviro but mababy ane speed haa maya!

Since the party was still going on, I decided to take a nap and I asked my brother where I can sleep for a bit and he directed me to his bedroom saying that’s the safest and only place I can sleep without any disturbances. So I went in finished the Castle Lite I was drinking and laid on the bed. The light was off I didn’t bother switching it on I could hear the sound of Zee World talking and I looked at the Samsung UHD TV and I felt too lazy to look for the remote and switch it off.


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