Sinyoro’s cheating ways exposed after whatsapp chat messages are leaked


Bright Mushayamombe, a Mufakose resident and salesman with a local bakery’s secret came out of the cupboard after his wife got hold of his WhatsApp messages with Mai Mufaro of Kambuzuma where he plies his trade delivering bread.

A fed up wife, Mai Hazel has expressed bitterness over the affair.

In the messages Bright who is referred to as Sinyoro (his totem) asks to meet up with Mai Mufaro for some quality time.




The wife only got hold of the messages after she took the econet line her husband Bright was using so that she could give her daughter who recently completed her O level exams to use.

“This line is registered in my name, so it belongs to me but I gave it to my husband to use all this while.

“I never touch my husband’s phones but handizivi chii chakaitika and I got hold of his phone and found out that there were deleted messages during his conversation with Mai Mufaro.

“I didn’t ask him about it and decided to observe him and see what was going on.

“Our daughter recently finished her O’ level exams and he had promised he would give her the line after she completed her exams since he said he didn’t want her disturbed during her studies.

“So, the day she completed her exams I took the line and placed it into a tablet, I switched it on before I handed it to my daughter that’s when I found out that there were more recent messages of him and Mai Mufaro.”

She added that she is now fed up of her husband of 18 years’ cheating

Ndaneta, handichada for many years we have been trying to solve this issue of cheating but all he does is butter me ndichingovharwa but now it’s enough.

“For years now hama dzichiedza kugadzirisa nyaya yedu iyoyi but haanzwe.”

Her husband denied knowing Mai Mufaro saying that he has many phones and it could have been one of his friends he had given his phone who communicated to this woman ( Mai Mufaro).

“Ndine phone dzakawanda dzimwe nguva maface angu anombodzishandisa; will have to check navo.

“I don’t know anyone by the name Mai Mufaro” he answered calmly.

He however admitted that he was Sinyoro the name that appears on the chats.

However when contacted for comment Mai Mufaro admitted she knew Sinyoro but later cut and switched off her mobile phone after discovering she was talking to an H-Metro Reporter.

However after some attempts to reach her on her phone she later accepted that she was seeing Sinyoro.

“Munondivhunzirei ini, bvunzai sinyoro wacho.

“Ini handina murume ndikutotsvagawo murume saka kana wandinyenga unoda ndidii.

“Ehe ndinovaziya sinyoro,” she said.
Below are the chats between the two parties;

[11/21, 17:09] Mai Rufaro: Ndyp
[11/21, 17:14] Sinyoro: Need to see yu
[11/21, 17:14] Sinyoro: Kuden kwenyu kunani
[11/21, 17:23] Mai Rufaro: Murora wangu
[11/21, 17:23] Mai Rufaro: Akauya kuxool
[11/21, 18:15] Sinyoro: So tell me toita sei
[11/21, 18:22] Mai Rufaro: Andiziva kut uri Kuda zvipi
[11/21, 18:25] Sinyoro: Need to have quality time with you
[11/21, 18:27] Sinyoro: So taura tinzwe
[11/21, 18:29] Mai Rufaro: Rinhi
[11/21, 18:33] Sinyoro: Wkend
[11/21, 18:35] Mai Rufaro: Mdokuudza kut ndinenge ndiripo her?
[11/21, 18:36] Sinyoro: You have to be there Shaw usadaro
[11/21, 18:37] Mai Rufaro: Mudhar wangu nt wl kuchegut
[11/21, 18:43] Sinyoro: Saka ndezvarini nhai madam
[11/21, 18:44] Mai Rufaro: Ndokuudza Tomor
[11/21, 18:44] Sinyoro: Heavyy bhoo
[11/21, 18:47] Mai Rufaro: Urip nw
[11/21, 18:57] Sinyoro: Mutown having one beer
[11/21, 19:03] Mai Rufaro: Inga zvako kowadi kundishedzawo
[11/24, 08:49] Sinyoro: Hie
[11/24, 08:51] Mai Rufaro: Ndyp
[11/24, 09:16] Mai Rufaro: C640 ndopaden
[11/24, 10:07] Sinyoro: Bright
[11/24, 10:10] Mai Rufaro: Sory 800 section 3 opposite T/ship
[11/24, 10:10] Sinyoro: Good girl
[11/24, 10:18] Mai Rufaro: K
[11/24, 10:29] Mai Rufaro: Thnx dhiy

Source-H metro

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