Sister’s Revenge – My Sister Poked my Man so i poke hers – Part 1


Sister’s Revenge – My Sister Poked my Man so i poke hers – Part 1. This is a long story and we will split the parts. Make sure to read all parts so that the story makes sense. The story was written for Masasi eHarare and is protected by copyright…. Enjoy…..

She looked at the mirror and smiled. She took her purse and left, so optimistic that John will be so glad to see her. For the previous three years he has been in faraway places but even though, she has kept every part of her as a secret garden, denied even rich guys to poke her and take away what she had promised to be John’s property. Every day that passed by was a missing day, not to mention H0RNY.

John stood at a shiny pavement while watching every movement of everything that passed by. He looked at his wrist watch and sighed, ’John’, a sweet voice called from a distant. He lifted his head and saw a beautiful face he couldn’t remember. “You have forgotten me, John, you have forgotten Lisa, John remembered. ’oh, Lisa why would I forget you, so where is Grace?, “at her husband’s house”, Lisa replied, “what”, John could not believe his ears.


Grace has just sent a message to him and told him to wait for her in town. Now her young sister is telling him that Grace is married wtf? “But she told me to wait for her in town” “no I did that, i am using her number now.” John felt confused. “hey John, don’t feel that way” “she betrayed my trust” John told her in a hoarse voice that expressed his anger. Lisa came closer to him and touched his right cheek, “I know how painful it is, John. I can feel the agony in you.

She whispered in his ears and turned his face to hers. Slowly she kissed him on the lips. “Forget about the past John and think about me now, i am available.” Deep in her heart she said “I told you Grace, you will never win this battle”  As Lisa was there sharing a kiss with John, Grace was busy looking for her cellphone, John felt betrayed all that time the promises they had made to each other and all this fueled the kiss to last longer! John and Lisa were like 2 people deeply in love but to John it was just a way of forgetting about ths sister Grace and moving on.


Grace tried to remember John’s number by heart but to no avail, she thought of calling her sister Lisa and was surprised to hear Lisa’s phone ringing in the house, she took it and knew instantly that Lisa stole her phone. But why was she doing this why John? Grace went through Lisa’s phone and there it was a message between Lisa and her BFF Mercy:

Mercy:  But what did she do to you that you want to take away her man?

Lisa:  years ago, I introduced Grace to my boyfriend and days later I heard that there were seen at a party together and knowing her she forced herself on him and u know he was the love of my life

Mercy:  But revenge isn’t the way to go babes

Lisa: I know but after today I know I will feel better she has to pay so I will steal her man too

Mercy:  but are you not selling yourself short? What then after you steal her man?

Lisa: honestly I don’t know and at this point in time I don’t care…

Mercy:  ok gal goodluck!

Lisa: Thanks….

And there it was the wicked plan Lisa was planning for years, Grace didn’t know what to do she just cried herself to sleep and hoped Lisa would come back soon so they could talk….