Sister’s Revenge – My Sister F#CKED my Man so i F#CK hers – Part 4


Without a word Grace left the room, at the doorstep she found her epilogue of the day: “Lis, blood and water are two different things, their thickness is different too.There is no blood in water but there is water in blood………….” Read Part 3…. Part 4 Starts…

Sister’s Revenge – My Sister F#CKED my Man so i F#CK hers – Part 4. A Word is mightier than a sword. A sword can kill a thousand knights but its pain doesn’t last for a million years. History of aknight is nothing if written for its content can be lost but he who listens to a Word that make up a history dies with a word in his heart. To Grace, every day that passed by was a reminder of every sorrowful words she encountered in her life. She tried to forget about some events involving John, Lis and herself but dreams kept her in that room, horrible dreams that kept on for five solidmonths.
One morning, Grace felt an unusual flow of blood in veins. There was morale in her heart. Is it her dreams? Will dreaming of you lying onthe dust then a hand appear and hold your hand, then lift you from the dust make you happy? That’s what she has dreamt. ”So shaken as we are….,”she read from one of her novels and it added, ”so wan with care. Find us a time for frightened peace to pant and breathe the short accent of new broils.” She embraced her novel and inhaled deeply. She felt like the biblical Lazarus, resurrected, facing a newlife. She browsed the paragraph she has once read. ”Short accents of new broils ,”she whispered to herself then added, ”Oh, yes .I must breath short accents new broils, but this time they must be long accents.”
She went outside, opened the gate and wandered around. Everything appeared new. ”where was I living,”she asked herself.”Wow, Grace is still living? I thought you were dead. ”An unfamiliar voice echoed from behind. Grace halted, turned her back and realized that she wasfacing a handsome stranger . ”How are you, Grace?” Grace remained still for moment then replied, “Listen, stranger,you know my name and Idon’t want to know your name. I will be glad if you stay away from me. Do I make myself clear?” she said and the guy slowly bowed his head and said,”Yes, your Highness.
” Deep in her heart, Grace felt jubilant. She has lastly enjoyed such moments a long time ago. When she arrived home, she was surprised to see John waiting for her. She felt drown back to hell.
Grace : Lis is not here .I think she will be back late, so I’ll be glad if you leave this house.

John : I am not here for that bitch you call Lisa
Grace : Did you jus call mysis a bitch? Now leave this house before my temper drives me crazy. Oh, here she is. Lis, John has jus called you a bitch a second ago.
Lisa : Oh, today I am a bitch but jus yesterday…. John interrupted: No,…..
Grace : If you say no you call me liar
Lisa :OK am out of it. Grace, can i have a word with you? With that Lisa dismissed herself. Grace followed her but before she reached the doorstepJohn called her. She stood by the door and asked, ”How can I serve you, master?”
John : I came for you. I didn’t come to ask for reconciliation, no. Of all the things i did, betraying your trust is the worst thing I did to you. Why should I mention the trauma you went through and the pain I caused. All i can jussay is that, I am sorry. Please forgive me. I really wanted to let you be the queen…….
Grace : How romantic of you John, So romantic, So full of words. You know what, John, I don want to remember that I kept every part of my body as a secret garden only belonging to a betrayer. But anywhere, Iforgave you a day beforeyou transgressed. Now you may leave. Without aword, John left. Lisa opened the window and saw John leaving she shouted, ”I don want to see you here asking for abitch called Lis, son of a brooding viper. Grace entered and Lisa asked her, ”Did he really call mea bitch?”
Grace : Why should I lie toyou. What favor do I seekfrom John?
Lisa : Of course you never lied to me.
Grace: How do you know?
Lisa : Never mind. You know G,I heard everything and I know how painful it is to keep love for someone who loves you but rather envied and stolen by your own blood sister
Grace : Don’t talk like that, Lis. Lisa broke into tears.
Were they tears of a crocodile? No, not this time. This time she is serious.Grace looked intothe eyes of her sister. Shecouldn’t believe her eyes.Lisa was crying in front of her. Pity overcame her. She stretched her arms and Lisa fell in them. ”Let it go to hell, Lis. I left my past today, I am breathing long accents of new broils.”
Lisa : I really don know what conspired between you and Rick, i was jus suspecting. Every day that passes by I see your happiness being taken away. I pretended like I perceive nothing but it was because I had no guts to say I am sorry. I had no proof to vindicatehow sorry I am. Please, forgive my stupidity.
Grace : I forgive you, Lis. Lisa held her sister’s shoulders, looked right into her eyes. She smiled and said, “Thank you.”
to be continued..

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