Small house brutally assaulted at work for sleeping around with her boss


A Glen View woman was stripped na_ked in front of her co-workers after news of her alleged affair with her married boss leaked to his wife.

The woman,identified as Sandra Chibanda,was yesterday stripped na_ked,splashed with opaque beer and bashed by her boss’s wife identified as Mai Jerry.

This was after Mai Jerry teamed up with her three friends and stormed into Sandra’s workplace demanding to know the nature of her relationship with Gerald Nyamunetsi who is the Transport Manager at a local transport firm near Highfields.


The quartet arrived,armed with a pair of scissors and two bottles of opaque beer and intruded into the company kitchen where Sandra works and gave the workers free drama as they descended upon the woman splashing ‘chi super’ on her.

In a bid to retrieve the messages between the two,the phone was smashed after Sandra refused to divulge her password.

During the fiasco a sobbing Sandra revealed that she had been dating Nyamunetsi for almost a year now and pleaded for mercy.

“Please forgive me,I will break up with him.I do not know what got into me.

“I know you but I could not resist.We have been dating for a year now,”she pleaded.It emerged that Sandra was helped by Mai Jerry’s mother to get the job as a cook at MVI Coaches and that Nyamunetsi had built a house for Sandra in Seke.

“Was it not my mother who helped you secure a job here?And this is how you pay her back by bedding her daughter’s husband.You made me bake cakes for your children using my hubby’s money making me appear a fool.

“Today I want to teach you a lesson.I want all the things that my husband bought you.”Mai Jerry said this whilst cutting off Sandra’s hair using a pair of scissors and tearing off her clothes including her pants.

After stripping her they told her to walk to their car which was parked outside and one of the workers protested and exchanged blows with Mai Jerry and her team.

“How can you st_rip a woman in front of men,you are not going to take her out of this premises,”he said.
He was grabbed by other men when he exchanged blows with Mai Jerry in a bid to protect Sandra.

Mai Jerry and her three friends Sandra clad in a sack to the car.All this drama took place after Mai Jerry’s husband had left for a business meeting and efforts to get his comment were fruitless by the time of going to print.


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