Smoking and drinking your way to deliverance


A local prophet courted controversy in Budiriro 1 last week when he asked alcoholics and drug addicts to indulge in alcohol and cigarretes in church while he lay hands on them as a way of delivering them.

Prophet Lazarus Mashavave, leader and founder of Life Giving Sprit  International (LGMI) told The Sunday Mail Religion that the move would demonstrate his miraculous deliverance powers and help him deliver the addicts.

As congregants were smoking and drinking, Prophet Mashaire was laying hands on them and declaring them free.


This stunning departure from the norm have since stirred debate in the Christian community with some saying modern prophets are taking their spiritual demonstrations and miracles too far, while others are seeing the mighty hand of God.

Biblically, men of the cloth have stood against the principal of taking alcohol and other drugs.

The move left many questioning the sincerity of the church demonstration.


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