So touching: Meet the 19 year-old-girl with a half body -Rahma Haruna


Sitting feebly in a bowl was 19­year­old Rahma Haruna, a resident of a Kano village, Lahdin Makole. Rahma has no functional limbs. What passes as limbs are some miniature features in the arm and leg positions.

Her brother always takes her on his head in a plastic container and go round the city of Kano in search of alms. It seems no education or future plan for both the carried and the carrier. Life. Appreciate the way God created you.



Luckily she was spotted by a Good Samaritan who managed to put a smile on her face after he was touched by her story.

Ibrahim M. Jirgi, a former BBC correspondence and philanthropist, donated a wheelchair to a 19­year­old physically challenged girl, Rahma Haruna, from Lahadin Makole in Warawa LGA, Kano, initially being carried in plastic container from the outskirt of Kano in to the metropolis to beg for alms



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