Social soccer coach killed in Epworth over team line-up


A social soccer team coach was reportedly punched to death by one of his team’s supporters for failing to field players with potential to score more goals during a match despite his team having won 3­0.

Clever Muzadzi, who was Epworth City team coach, was killed by a single blow by supporter, Maxwell Munemo, who was accusing him of failing to field players who could score more goals during a match. The match was against ZAOGA Epworth at Chinanga Primary School football grounds. This emerged at the Harare magistrates’ court where Maxwell Munemo appeared charged with murder. The 29­year­old was not asked to plead to the charges when he appeared before magistrate




Tendai Mahwe who remanded him out of custody to July 7 on US$100 bail

State counsel, Sebastian Mutizirwa, had it that on June 12 at around 4pm Epworth City played a social match against ZAOGA Epworth at Chinanga Primary Football grounds. The game reportedly ended 3­0 in favour of Epworth City, according to the State. It appears as if the result did not go down well with Maxwell Munemo who immediately confronted Epworth City’s striker Lloyd Nota.

Munemo is alleged to have started accusing Lloyd Nota of failing to pass on the ball to other players which led to his team missing some scoring opportunities. The two ended up in a scuffle which drew the attention of other players who intervened and stopped the fracas.

As if that was not enough, Maxwell Munemo also allegedly approached Clever Muzadzi and told him that he was supposed to concentrate on coaching his players on passing the ball. Muzadzi is said to have told Maxwell Munemo that he was not the right person to tell him on how to coach his team. After the game, Maxwell Munemo is alleged to have approached Clever Muzadzi complaining that Lloyd Nota had assaulted him. But the late Clever Muzadzi is said to have told Maxwell Munemo to leave him alone

It appears as if that did not go down well with Clever Muzadzi’s response and ended up punching him on the throat.

Muzadzi lost consciousness before he was rushed to hospital. He reportedly died before being admitted at one of Harare’s referral hospitals

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