Soldier Loses $300 to HURE (sex-worker)


A thieving 21-year-old commercial sex-worker appeared in court last week for allegedly stealing $300 from her client who is a soldier.

Priviledge Manyora of House Number 317, Area 3, Dangamvura, pleaded guilty to stealing $150 from Trymore Zviitirei (26) of House Number 13440, Gimboki South when she appeared before senior Mutare magistrate, Sekai Chiundura.

The State did not accept the limited plea and she was granted $20 bail.


The case goes for trial on March 4.

Manyora told the court that she stole the money from Zviitirei who is stationed at 3.1 Combat Group as revenge after she found out that he had removed the female condom she was wearing when they were being intimate.

“We agreed that he pays $10 for one night. After engaging in sex, I observed that he had removed the female condom I was wearing. I discovered it in the morning after we were done. I took $150 from his pockets because I wanted to use it for medication and to get tested. I fear for my health, so he should pay for that. He is now fabricating that I took $300,” she said.

Chiundura advised her to look for better ways to make a living.

“Aren’t you ashamed of your behaviour? You should find something to do rather than stealing or being a prostitute,” she said.

Allegations are that that Manyora stole $300 from Zviitirei’s pockets and left him sleeping in her house.

A total of $150 was recovered from Manyora’s friend, Abigail Stima.

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