Soon to BE RICHEST Zim Prophet Magaya DONATES 1.2 Million dollars to Parirenyatwa Hospitals


Soon to BE RICHEST Zim Prophet Magaya DONATES 1.2 Million dollars to Parirenyatwa Hospitals. PHD) Ministries Walter Magaya has donated US$1.2 million to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, 263chat is reporting.

The Prophet has earmarked the funds for the refurbishment as well as fixing the water system at the hospitals.

The medical centres had been battling sever water shortages with some patients going up to a week without potable water


According to 263chat, Magaya, during the handover ceremony, said the wos at the hospitals caused him to intervene.

“Many of our church members who visit the hospitals have reported that there are immense water problems at the hospitals.

“We heard heart-rending situations in which patients had to carry water from home,” he said

He also said that spiritual healing and medical healing work hand in glove so both healings need to bail each other in difficult times.

“Prophets need the medical side in the healing process.”

He also expressed interest in donating x-ray machines in various hospitals throughout of Harare.

Health Minister, Dr David Parirenyatwa acknowledged massive water shortages at the hospitals.

“Water is always on and off at our central hospitals,” he said adding that the situation gets worse during weekends.

He also applauded this gesture saying it is good for doctors, nurses and patients who in the past were forced to work with no water.

“The donation will go a long way in ensuring that the water system is improved,” he said before challenging prominent people to follow Magaya’s footsteps.