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Soul Jah Love engages new manager


Dancehall musician Soul Jah Love has engaged the services of Benjamin Nyandoro who is the director of Jive Zimbabwe to be his manager. The two’s union comes at a time when Soul Jah Love is in the eye of a storm after clashing with his managers. It is yet to be seen if Nyandoro will turn the tables for the Conquering family.

The two are however confident that their relationship will bear fruits.

In an interview the singer known as Chibaba in the music circles said some of these issues were blown out of proportion and distorted by promoters and managers who wanted to use him for financial gains.


“They distorted these issues but now we have a new management, just wait and see.

“All things are in place and the Conquering family is rebranding. You need to watch this space,” he said.

He said he has done everything to make sure his brand takes another direction and will soon be the most sought after musician in Zimdancehall.

Nyandoro said he would not comment about the musician’s past saying only time will tell.

“I will not say much on his past but for now we have worked on a number of issues. I tell you he will be somewhere soon. It is not fair to judge him because of his past as there were a number of factors involved,” he said.

Soul Jah Love is currently on top of his game with the song “Pamamonya” which has been well received around the country.

However, his ingenuity as an artist is at crossroads with his general conduct. He is known for hiring and firing managers and in most cases his relationships with managers often end in fights and arguments.

Courage Zikali, Wadis and Bounty Lisa are among the managers he had a fall out with while the “newbie” Nyandoro has worked with several musicians, handling their business affairs.

He has worked with Jah Prayzah, Suluman Chimbetu and Alick Macheso just to mention a few.

It remains to be seen if Nyandoro will change the musician. Reward Muchini a staunch follower of Soul Jah Love said though it was difficult to manage him, he was confident Nyandoro will use his ability to take the musician far.

“It is yet to be seen if he will manage to change the musician but you never know that could be the herald of his career,” he said.

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