A marriage has collapsed after a husband listened to voice calls between his wife and her lover

Tapiwanashe Marongwe said he regretted dealing with Edgar Bhepe who has since bonked his wife, Loreen Kudzai Marongwe.Marongwe and Kudzai had been together for four years while they wedded last year. Marongwe said he helped his brother-in-law’s wife – Gabriet Makanda Chikara – who is based in South Africa to find a buyer for her residential stand and Bhepe bought the property.

“Bhepe was very cooperative and travelled with my in-law and my wife to Harare to finalise the deal. Soon after the selling of the stand I noticed behaviour change in my wife. She no longer cooked or washed my clothes.


HE-STOLE-MY-WIFE“I suspected something was happening and I put an automatic call recorder on her phone and managed to get two call recordings in two days. The second recording clearly proved that there was an affair between Bhepe and my wife.

When I confronted her she denied that she was communicating with Bhepe.

“She even offered to go for a printout not knowing that I already had proof they were communicating. She was shocked when I played her the recordings. I confronted Bhepe and he admitted.

He also said that he communicated with my in-law first before he started calling my wife.

Kudzai said “Aaaaa zvakaoma… I have no comment ini. I am at work right now and I cannot talk,” she said.tle did I know that apart from selling the stand I was also selling my wife,” said Marongwe.