State fails to provide trial date for ‘July’ protesters-resulting in them being removed from remand


The State has failed to provide a trial date for 10 people who were arrested for allegedly causing public violence during street protests in July, resulting in them being removed from remand

The trial will proceed by way of summons, on the advice of a Harare magistrate, Tendai Mahwe.

The 10 were arrested in Epworth, just outside Harare, during an angry protest against corruption, unpopular policies and President Robert Mugabe’s government which is being accused of failure.



The accused are Luckson Bamusi (22), Simbarashe Tiyanane (20), Madanhi Fachi (24), Wellington Mugule (41) and Everson Jonasi (26), Knowledge Chipitso (24), Sylvester Dhlamini (32), Terrence Muronda (25), Luckmore Ruoko and Nyasha Hwema (30).

Two other groups of a combined 103 people who were arrested during the July protests have been remanded to 22 September and 23 September, respectively.

Both groups have given notice to apply for refusal of further remand on their next remand dates as prosecution has repeatedly failed to supply trial dates too.

The police is accused of hurriedly and indiscriminately arresting people during unrest, resulting in most of the cases being thrown out for lack of evidence


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