Stranded Zanu PF supporters after #MillionManMarch – Pictures and Comments


We can’t really say we are surprised by pictures of stranded Zanu PF supporters who were simply left on the pavements of Harare with no transport to go back to their respective homes after the so called Million Man March on Wednesday.

Meanwhile President Robert Mugabe, his wife Grace and their goons go back to their multi-million dollar homes while driving the latest expensive cars. Yes folks thats politics.

Below are some of the views of our readers to this predictable outcome.



Zanu-PF-supporters-strandedAmos Musvibe “It serves them right, where were they going? Their overzealousness is being rewarded. These things have happened since 1980 and some slow-learners and non-learners continue to congregate, no they must pay the price, sing the tune, tonight.”

Pam Kay – “I thought #ThisFlag was about being concerned citizens. We should actually sympathise with these people. The problem is most of us are actually to privileged to understand why these people are stood up where they are now. I think townies need to put themselves in the shoes of rural folk. That is how you keep losing elections.



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