Strippper teases Diamond Platnumz – leaves him yearning for more


Visiting Tanzanian musician — Diamond Platnumz got more than he bargained for during his debut performance in Harare at the weekend as he got a surprise treat from a stripper.

The multi-award winning Bongo Flava artiste who travelled back to Tanzania on Saturday morning was in Harare to perform with Jah Prayzah — an artiste whom he collaborated with earlier this year.

Performing after Jah Prayzah on Friday at the Harare International Conference Centre, Diamond Platnumz almost received a rude awakening as some fans could be heard booing when he took to the stage.


This was before he took them through his set, which showed why the East African artiste was multi award-winning. His energetic moves and acts on stage kept people occupied for some time as all they were waiting for was for him to perform two tracks — Number One and his collaboration with Jah Prayzah — Watora Mari.

But, it was towards the end of Diamond’s set that things got heated as he invited ladies to join him on stage to spice up his performance. Not to miss this opportunity was Bev the dancer and other ladies who just wanted to have fun. Also on that list was a stripper — who was to give Platnumz a memorable night.



First up was Bev. She did her popular splits amid wild cheers and also got Platnumz attention. Then, towards the end of the list came the stripper who at first glance, seemed not too interested in thrilling the Tanzanian star.

She whined for Diamond for a few seconds while he stood in amusement, clearly enjoying every bit of the moves. Unlike other dancers, the stripper did not dance for a long time and preferred to take her leave.

But Diamond would not accept her departure and requested that she return and dance for him — this time while he was seated. As she made her way back to him, he made himself comfortable on one of the speakers — putting himself in a position for a lap dance.

To the lady, this was a walk in the park as this was her core business. Ensuring that Diamond was seated comfortably, the lady went on top of him and started gyrating as she went through her paces. At this point, the crowd went wild cheering her on.

After close to a minute of dancing, the lady finally took her leave as Diamond helplessly watched her go backstage.

He however continued with his act and put icing onto the cake when he invited Jah Prayzah to join him for the performance of their hit song. Just like the release of Watora Mari, their performance was well received as music fans in the capital packed the HICC to the rafters and only left after 4AM on Saturday when the show ended.

Earlier, people had jammed to the sounds of Stunner, Killer T, Ex Q, Trevor Dongo and Judgement Yard.


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