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Stunner back again : Illuminati symbolism all over this


Rapper Stunner posted this picture promoting his upcoming new album. But the pic has sparked debate on social media.

One slammed it saying :”Illuminati symbolism all over this. He is using satanic and occult imagery for the album cover. Watch closely, his body is forming the shape of the Devil’s head. The finger is mimicking the devil’s horn piercing the holy bible.

How can he  sell his soul for fame and money. Cant believe what has taken over Nigerian music industry is already cropping up in Zimbabwe.”



STUNNER-ZIMBABWEBut another said : “what’s wrong with a pic of a person dying while holding on to God? Jeeez you guys need to chill. why are my African people so backwards and primitive. wake up! this is the 21st century move with the times. some people do work hard for their money you know!”

Producer Anonzi Xndr backed Stunner saying :”Pushing the boundaries of what is socially acceptable yet creating a new trend of creativity….nice one my brother keep the grind alive.

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