Stunner’s emotional song reflects on what would happen if he were to die


AFTER cheating death last week in a freak car crash, rapper Stunner is taking advantage of the public spotlight on him by releasing a single, “If I die tonight’, which sounds like a will. Stunner (Desmond Chideme) rammed a sporty Lexus into four parked vehicles, injuring a pedestrian in Harare last week. The track produced by Mount Zion music is from his yet to be named upcoming album that is set for release in August.


In the song, Stunner gives instructions on how to share his property and also tells people that his wife is off limits, as, if she is given to a relative (as per tradition in some cultures) he will haunt the couple.


With a mellow ‘90s hip hop tempo, the track is seemingly inspired by the accident. Stunner reflects on what would happen if he were to die and what people would say. His involvement in the accident triggered many reactions on social media with Facebook posts, memes mocking Stunner saying the rapper’s carelessness caused the mishap whilst others expressed sympathy.

Like what happened on social media where Stunner was ridiculed, the Godo hit-maker, says ‘will people crack jokes about him’, ‘will there be people who will mourn his death or miss him or will his relatives fight over his clothes and property’. Most importantly Stunner addresses the custom that some Zimbabweans have adopted of making jokes of serious issues such as death or someone’s misfortune.

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