Stunner’s wife, Olida Chapel has poured her heart out saying the rapper never judged the baggage she carries.


Stunner’s wife, Olida Chapel has poured her heart out saying the rapper never judged the baggage she carries. “I believed all I love eventually leaves. That I would lose myself, lose our love, and be a failure. But instead of being offended by my fears, you let me have them and promised to love me. You have constantly let me talk about my fears; you embrace them and me and have never once judged the baggage I carry.

I realised you’re the one who will teach me the depths of love, and I know through you, I will learn everything I need to know about myself. I feel beautiful with you, fresh and alive. For years I allowed my insecurities and struggles to define my worth and spent many years lonely, cold, and sad ­ praying to be someone else with a better life. The month I spent devoted to re­writing my own rules on love was the very same month I met you ­ I find no odd coincidence in that. You called me beautiful from the start and you make me feel sexy and desired.

My body is cherished by you as you so often say. With you, I am simultaneously a fiercely independent, headstrong woman who feels supported and encouraged to remain so. I know of no other man who so passionately believes that the strength of his woman leads to the strength of his own life. Both you and I are now pursuing our own passions with a seamless sense of togetherness and mutual encouragement; respect and admiration for each others paths. And I see so fully your path, just as you so beautifully can see mine.


I love how we admire who we are today and believe in the promise of who we will become tomorrow and forever.really didn’t want to write something so long and so mooshy, but with you it’s impossible not to. And in all this time that I have been with you, never once have I felt like I wanted to be apart from you. No matter how many times I threatened to leave. I don’t mean this in a needy way.

Desmond you silence my demons and calm my storm. You have pulled me from a dark place and have me believing in love again and even using the word BAE which I hated so much. You are my rock and I can’t imagine a single second of my life without you. This is probably the only time in this lifetime I will express my love for you in this way. So I have put it in writing hence when times are dark between us, you can always refer back to this time and this moment. Where here and now my love is eternal, unwavering, untainted and it’s most pure form. Happy birthday my love. I am wishing and praying for as many more years and birthdays with you as God will grant us. To continue being best friends as we are. I love you today, tomorrow and forever.

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