Sugar mama left for dead after her Ben 10 discovered she infected him with HIV


A 38-YEAR-OLD woman was last week battling for her life at Harare Central Hospital after she was allegedly stabbed by her lover in Highfield on Wednesday.

It is claimed that Memory Chikati had a misunderstanding with her lover only identified as Duncan,26,accusing her of infecting him with HIV.

She was reportedly stabbed and sustained six cuts in the head before Duncan disappeared leaving her in a pool of blood.The incident took place at No. 439 in Engineering,Highfield.


“I was doing my cleaning duties on the passage when I discovered stains of blood leading into Mai Nhanha’s room,” said one of the tenants at the house

She cried on top of her voice once but no one intervened and we only discovered blood stains and by that time Duncan had already disappeared from the scene.

“We warned Mai Nhanha against dating young men but she never took heed.The always quarrelled over small issues.

‘Havana mwana saka tichingovati Mai Nhanha,”said the tenant.

Onlookers rushed Memory to Harare Central Hospital.Provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Tarirai Dube said she was still to receive the report.

“We are still to receive the report ,continue to check with me,”said Assistant Inspector Dube.

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