Zimbabwe News Sungura Musician Falls on Hard Times, Blames Witchcraft

Sungura Musician Falls on Hard Times, Blames Witchcraft


Forgotten Sungura musician Paradzai Mesi, who has made social media abuzz after pictures purportedly showing that he has hit hard times, has spoken out.

On Monday, H-Metro tracked down Mesi at Kiyaora, a Compound in Glendale where he is staying with his family. Mesi admits he has hit hard times, but suspects there is a relative who cursed him after he blossomed in the music industry.

The Mari Ipesaniso hit maker said at the height of his career, there are some relatives who expected him to be a breadwinner for the extended family, but he could not afford looking after them, resulting in (one of) them wishing for his downfall.


“I suspect that in my family, someone a relative believed that I made a lot of money and expected me to do a lot for the extended family. The person is my relative, the person is still alive and we once stayed together. I won’t give you the name, but that is what I am suspecting, though I need to find out if it’s the real cause, but that is what I suspect,” said Mesi.

He said he can’t even believe how an empire he managed to build coming from a poor background has crumbled so easily. His is a case of rags to riches, to rags’ “When I started this I had no money, but I managed to come from Muzarabani and go to Harare to record.


musician Paradzai Mesi

Surprisingly, I am back to zero and it’s now impossible for me to rise again. I just don’t understand it and if I get help I would be grateful,” he said.

He said it is unfortunate that he is now staying at a Compond or simply Komboni, but he has no choice. This is not good for me, staying here kupurazi zvinoreva zvinhu hazvina kumira mushe. I will be happy if someone helps me to revive my career. However, there are some advantages in staying here.

It’s cheap, no stress for rentals and I can afford staying here. But it’s also because I don’t have a choice. Paradzai’s heart bleeds for his empire which collapsed so easily.

“Ndakatombotengawo kombi nemota nema instruments but zvakataramuka,” he said. The Nherama Boys front man’s sad state of affairs is said to have been worsened by suspected abuse of drugs and he did not dispute it either. He admits to taking Broncleer, a cough syrup known as Broncho in street lingo. He said it helps him get over his problems but sometimes causes him to abuse his wife.

“Vanhu vari kuti ndirikunwa broncho vari right pahuwrong hwavo nekuti vanomwa doro iroro vakawanda. Dai nhamo yaiiswa pachens yangu itori nani. Broncho rinombondibatsirawo ndikanganwe nhamo asi inoitazve ndiite zhowo zhowo nemukadzi pamba,” he confesses.

Mesi, one of the greatest composers to emerge in local show biz, refuses to throw in the towel despite being stuck in the musical graveyard.

“I am stuck with no hope, but I am still in the music industry. Ko unoti ukati teremu woti kwidze. I have an album which is ready for recording its titled Chenjera Kukangira Makatsvira Dzimwe. I am still doing shows. My last show was in Concession which is close to my home, but the problem is I no longer have instruments,” he said.

He said the other problem is his contract with Grammar Records which restrict him to work with other studios. To big musicians, if they can do anything to help me, ndiri munhu anobatsirika and my fans should be patient. Alick Macheso once came here in Glendale and we discussed about recording at his studio. But I have a contract with Grammar Records that’s binding.

I would want to record at his (Macheso) studio and featured him on my album, but if I go there it can create problems with Grammar Records.

Mesi’s wife Patricia Kapadza said her husband should be helped to stop abusing drugs. “I would be happy if you help him to stop abusing drugs nekuti akangonwa (broncho) chete, kugarisana pamba hapana.

He becomes very abusive and I can’t say some of the things he does after taking the drugs,” she said.

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