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Patrick Chinamasa

Cyber Security minister has five ‘Facebook accounts’ under his name

Hon Patrick Antony Chinamasa, the outgoing Finance Minister was just reappointed as the new Minister of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation, TechZim has...
Patrick Chinamasa

Govt threatens crackdown on fake news about the economy

Government will launch a crackdown on social media as part of a campaign against fake news and the spreading of rumours on shortages of basic...

No rule of law in Zim : PATRICK CHINAMASA

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa says land barons are giving him “sleepless nights” as they are raking in millions of dollars in untaxed money so...

Fake bond notes are being printed claims Finance Minister PATRICK CHINAMASA

Unscrupulous characters have started printing fake bond notes which they plan to coincidentally release when the real bond notes are injected into the economy,...

Civil servants salary date brought forward

The government says the June 2016 salary payment date for the rest of the civil service has been moved from the 14th July 2016...

Chinamasa lashes out after his son was accused of smuggling $7...

FINANCE minister, Patrick Chinamasa has dismissed social media reports that his son, Tino was arrested while trying to smuggle $7 million through Beitbridge Border...

Chinotimba Beats Chinamasa in Parliament Drama

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa was exactly 12 years ago bashed by former MP Roy Bennett before everyone’s eyes in the parliament house. This week Chinamasa received...

Government to slash civil servants salaries by 30%

ZIMBABWE will sharply cut its civil servants wage bill by a staggering 30%, from 82 percent of government spending currently to 52 percent of...

Govt to tax church investments

Churches will have their income from trade and investments taxed from next year, but income will still be tax-free if it comes from donations,...

BAN on BHERO REVERSED – Finance Minister in HOT SOUP

BAN on BHERO REVERSED - Finance Minister in HOT SOUP. Zimbabwe's Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa was yesterday asked to reverse a ban on the importation...

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