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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Wicknell Chivayo sued for $500k

Sunday Mail Features and Opinions Editor Garikai Mazara has filed a $500 000 lawsuit against businessman Wicknell Chivayo over alleged defamatory WhatsApp messages.In a...

Zimba man gets Wicknell’s attention

Zimba man gets Wicknell’s attention 

Wicknell lashes out at ‘poor’ Zimbas

He said : “imi muchi taurisa ne nzara ini ndichidya mari yangu zvangu….I must say with the greatest respect mari inonaka and as opposed...

Wicknell signs another $128 million deal

Energy projects developer Intratrek Zimbabwe and its Indian technical partners last Friday signed a contract for construction of the long-awaited 30 megawatt Gairezi Hydro...

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