Tajamuka embark on new protest strategy,Sabotage Grace,Target Mphoko next


TAJAMUKA/SESIJIKILE movement activists who, of late, have been holding a series of protests demanding accountability from President Robert Mugabe’s government have taken their work to supermarkets that sell Alpha and Omega products.

Alpha and Omega, which sells dairy products, is a subsidiary of Gushungo Holdings owned by President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace.

Activists are accusing government of banning imports with a view to protecting Alpha and Omega products while taking millions of informal traders that survive on vending products from outside the country out of business.





Under the new protest strategy, Sesijikile activists enter into supermarkets as genuine customers, load trolleys with Alpha and Omega products such as yoghurt, ice cream and milk and other items.

When they get to the pay point, they let the till operator charge all the items and then tell him/or her that the products are very expensive or that they couldn’t get enough money at the bank. That way, they leave the products unpaid for.

On Saturday, the protestors demonstrated outside the shops, addressing amused shoppers.

“We also deliberately delay when at the pay point and frustrate other customers while we engage them on issues affecting the country,” Ishmael Kauzani told NewZimbabwe.com outside the Pick and Pay supermarket along Jason Moyo Street in Harare.

“We also urge customers to boycott these products because buying them is like supporting companies owned by selfish individuals. If Mugabe wants his products to be bought he must be prepared for competition not to force customers to buy them by indirectly banning the same products from being imported into the country,” Kauzani said.

Kauzani added that Sesijikile will also be approaching Choppies supermarkets owned by vice president Phelekezela Mphoko.

Kauzani said they have many planned activities which they will be implementing until government got the message. He said they have strategies in place on how to avoid the police.

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