Tajamuka organizes protests at Zimbabwean embassy in South Africa


Tajamuka, a feisty team of protesters calling for an immediate end to the current economic and political crisis, has spread its wings to South Africa where it is urging Zimbabweans resident there to demonstrate at the Zimbabwean consulate.

In a statement, the South African based wing of Tajamuka said the current social, political and social situation in Zimbabwe required immediate attention.

Tajamuka has already caused a stir in Harare where it is calling on Zimbabweans to reject government’s bond notes introduction as it grapples with a biting cash shortage.


The group has been linked to other protests demanding President Robert Mugabe’s immediate departure and an end to bad governance.

“Irrespective of political and social affiliations, we are calling on Zimbabweans and fellow brothers in South Africa to meet on Wednesday, the 6th of July 2016… and walk/march/crawl to the Zimbabwean Consulate,” read a statement by the South Africa Tajamuka wing.



Reports from South Africa indicate that scores of Zimbabweans heeded the protest call and converged at the embassy.

South Africa is home to hundreds of thousands of Zimbabwean economic and political refugees who fled the country from the early 2000s.

Some of them, especially those resident and working in Musina, recently joined the Beitbridge border protests that turned violent when police blocked peaceful demonstrations against a ban on imported goods.

“Amongst many other problems we are faced (with) are unconstitutional bans on imported basic necessities which are not readily available in the country; which if available, they are found in the government ministers retail shops costing an arm and a leg (sic).

“Corruption levels, poverty and unemployment are just a tip of the iceberg. We are tired of being taken for granted by Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe,” said Tajamuka.

Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko holds shares in the Choppies retail chain.

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