Tarumbwa ordered to pay $316 upkeep


CHICKEN Inn FC striker Obidiah Tarumbwa has been ordered to pay $316 per month for the upkeep of his two minor children. Bulawayo magistrate Manasa Musiiwa made the maintenance application ruling in favour of the footballer’s ex­wife Patience Tarumbwa last week. Patience told the court that she wanted the maintenance money increased because their oldest child had started going to school. “Our daughter is now going to school and needs school fees, uniforms, stationery and transport money.

We stay in Harrisvale and the school is in Ilanda so she boards twice,” said Patience. “Our son is asthmatic and needs access to medical aid. The order we got from the High Court stated that he registers our son on medical aid, but he hasn’t done so.” Tarumbwa’s lawyer said raising children was the responsibility of both parents. “Your Worship, it’s the duty of both parents to raise their children. My client is already paying maintenance. The applicant is employed and so she should also play her part in the upkeep of the children,” said the lawyer.

The lawyer said Tarumbwa was willing to pay the child’s fees directly and buy school uniforms when necessary. However, Patience told the court that she was no longer employed. “I’m no longer employed because of our son’s health condition. There’s a family doctor whom I usually take the child to, but he isn’t a paediatrist. He refers me to other doctors and I can’t afford to pay them. “I don’t have faith in Tarumbwa paying fees directly for our daughter because lately my father’s been the one paying fees for her. It’s best he pays the money through maintenance and I allocate it accordingly.” Musiiwa ordered Tarumbwa to pay $116 in addition to what he was already paying. “The $100 per child ruled by the High Court isn’t tampered with. The respondent is hereby ordered to pay $116 per month in relation to the children’s medical and school expenses. It shall be apportioned to them accordingly,” Musiiwa said



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