Teenager sentenced to 26 years in prison


A TEENAGER from Hwata Village under Chief Musana will spend the next 26 years behind bars for so_domising four juvenile boys from the same village. Clementine Chizuku,19,appeared before Bindura magistrate William Bhila accused of so_domising young boys (names with-held) aged between 11 and 15 years of age.

In the first count the state alleges that sometime last year in March the complainant went to his friend’s homestead to sleep as he was coming from the accused grandmothers funeral at night.

Whilst asleep the accused pulled the boy’s pair of shorts down and told him to ‘pola pola'(calm down).The alleged victim then tried to get up but Chizuku pinned him down and so_domised the boy.


In another count the court heard that sometime this year the complainant,who is 15-year-old was coming from church for Easter celebrations at around 3am when the accused asked him to come and sleep over since it was late.

It is alleged that whilst he was asleep Chizuku told him he wanted to have se_xual intercourse with him and he refused,but the accused forced him to tighten his legs and he inserted his manhood before ej_aculating.

In the same village but on a date now unknown the accused met the other complainant who is an 11-year-old boy who was playing by the road side.He then lifted the boy and went with him to a nearby field under a guava tree where he so_domised him. The boy cried for help but the accused perpetrated so_domy on a 13 year-old boy that the allegedly carried to the bush before satisfying his diabolical appetite. Of the 26 years 10 were removed on condition of good behaviour.

Source-H metro

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    Shavi chairo. Aaah he must not be amongst normal people