TelOne extends Internet to rural areas


TelOne has deployed broadband and Internet connectivity to over 80 000 homes, 12 000 schools, 150 hospitals and other institutions, most of which are in rural areas, over the past three years, a senior Government official has said.

Minister for Information, Communication and Technology and Courier Services Supa Mandiwanzira said, TelOne should invest more in high­density suburbs and rural areas as access to information is a right to every Zimbabwean. “Every Zimbabwean has a right to information and deserves access to (the) Internet. It is a tool to social development,” he said




Minister Mandiwanzira said TelOne’s target to deploy Internet connectivity to 100 000 homes by 2018 is too small a number considering the amount of homes in high­ density suburbs and rural areas that also need coverage. He urged all telecommunication companies to look beyond making money and provide people access to information, which is the Internet in this modern age.

“It is actually cheaper in high­density areas because fibre cable needed per house is shorter than that needed in low­density areas, because the houses in high­density areas are close to each other, hence the shorter the fibre cables used,” he said. Minister Mandiwanzira applauded TelOne for reducing Internet coverage costs.

We cannot be penalising people for wanting information. “SADC has a target of connecting 85 percent of the total population in Africa by 2020, but us Zimbabweans, we are known as performers across Africa and beyond, so we should reach a total coverage of 100 percent,” he said. TelOne managing director Mrs Chipo Mtasa said they are going to explore more rural areas as they have planned projects whose assessments have already been done.

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